Curses, Lufthansa!

Oh, those crafty Krauts:  Lufthansa decides that carry-on bags can only weigh eight kilos.  Nadine weighs well over seven.  What are they thinking?  My carefully planned one bag trip now becomes tricky, as I am separated from my oh-so-massive 12 kilo bag.  Oh, the horror.  My big fear is that the tight connection in Frankfurt will cause my bag to go to the big carousel in the sky.  Worst case, I’ll show up at the wedding in my trekking pants and running shoes.  (And they say that Israelis don’t know anything about fashion…)

At least I zip through security in seconds flat, and thank goodness for Segafredo Zanetti, the coffee bar at the end of the C gates.  I can’t talk my way into the Dan club (only open for business class travellers), but at least I can snag a decent cuppa and a small goat cheese sandwhich to wolf down.  It i s 4:45 and we are about to start boarding.  Oh, joy.


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