Diary of a Mad Shvitzer

Ready, set, strike!   Histadrut (the main labor union) does it again with a strike that affects the trains, post office, and other government services.  The worst: no garbage pickup.  If this was a mild climate, it would not be such a crisis.  But with the current hamsin (heat wave), temps are in the mid-to-high 30s C, and humidity is also high.  The bugs are out en force, and anything left out for even a few minutes becomes a health risk. 

The heat is miserable.  I drag myself out for a morning run, and am barely into the first leg when I’m already feeling the heat.  It is like trying to run with ten kilo sacks of cement tied to your legs.  My computer is feeling the effects of the heat, too.  Poor Nadine, already too fat and fluffy for her own good, is completely miserable.  She lies on the floor and moans.

We’ve moved!  After over 12 years in Akko, In Other WORDS moves its headquarters to the industrial zone in Karmiel.  Since most of us live in or around Karmiel, this makes a lot of sense.  But moving during a miserable hamsin is not fun.  I teach a class last night in the new facility, despite the AC not yet being hooked up and the place in shambles.  We hope to be settled in soon.

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One response to “Diary of a Mad Shvitzer

  1. By the time I read this, the strike was over 🙂

    Good luck in the new location.

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