Asp interaction rocks!  Northern LS shares this very cool interactive map with us.  I just gave it a whirl, and with enough zooming and moving I was able to see our house lot on the street. 

A slip of the tongue:  Or in this case, fingers, as I referred to Gilad Shalit as a POW earlier this week.  Quite right, George—he is the victim of kidnapping by terrorists.  Meanwhile, we’re back in Gaza as Barak gave the IDF a green light to go in to try to stop the ongoing Qassam rocket fire on S’derot and other communities (though the suspected Qassam attack in Ashkelon on Wednesday turned out to be rival gangsters).  In a simultaneous action, IDF troups go into Nablus in the West Bank to arrest wanted terrorists.  It is not pretty but, in light of the recent escallation, it is necessary.  But on the good news side, Mubarak has agreed that Egypt will help Israel deal with infiltrators from North Africa into Israel,  other than the refugees from Darfur who are being given protection here.

Security training: this wasn’t my group, but you can get a good idea of the kinds of police and security professions I meet with who come to Israel for specialized training.


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