Proof of Life

His voice:  The news plays the tape recording of Gilad Shalit over and over.  While it is encouraging to hear his voice, it is depressing that he has been held prisoner by his kidnappers for a year now.  All the pain and suffering of the Second Lebanon War, and our guys are still being held hostage.  Olmert is at the summit in Sharm el-Sheik, shmoozing with Mubarak and trying to decide how many Fatah prisoners we’ll release. 

Have you melted yet?  The heat makes it hard to keep up any kind of fitness regime, but I drag myself out at 5:30 and slog my way through a painful, clunky trot.  By the time I finish my loop, it is already 28 C.  The heat as also triggered massive hatchings of mosquitoes and sand flies, and they ignore Gill and Nadine and feast exclusively on me.  I feel so honored…

Is your sunscreen dangerous?  Gill discovers the Skin Deep site, consumer watchdog organization that tests cosmetics for safety and effectiveness.  Do not miss their information on sunscreens!  And yes, something that I use (make that used) is on their Worst Products list!  Yikes!  


One response to “Proof of Life

  1. Leah,
    Call it being pedantic, call it arguing semantics, but it is important to stress that Gilad Shalit is NOT a POW. He is a kidnapping victim. Calling him a POW dignifies the terrorists with a status they do not deserve.

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