Let’s Stop the Violence…

…against hapless PCs, that is:  one of my usability groups reports on consumer violence directed against PCs:

One out of every three US PC owners is inclined to become violent when faced with computer problems. The figure is mentioned in the Support Soft report “Cyber Stress.” Twenty per cent of PC users want to hit the PC or throw it out of the window, 11% curse the machine, 3% burst into tears, and 3% vent their rage on surrounding objects. According to the report, the growing frequency of rage outbursts is due to users’ increasing dependence on their PC. Computer problems cause emotional stress to the same extent as partner problems, which points to an ever greater intimacy in the link PC owners have with their PC.

Just call it “darling” and buy it a few upgrades.

More train doggies!   Today it is small black Pug named Lulu.  I got a few kisses but no pictures.  I watch nervously as homeward-bound soldiers with their massive packs carefully step over the tiny thing.  Lulu remains calm on the crowded train.

Steam bath:  It hits 36 C in Karmiel today and they are threatening over 40 C in Tel Aviv tomorrow.  Joy.  Glad I have a new fan in my office.

Mohammed Mouse:  Hamas is using Mickey’s evil twin to sell Jihad to kids.  Meanwhile, Olmert remains obliviously hopeful about the new-cobbled PA government, which is still shaky in the extreme.  Meanwhile, initial reports of thousands fleeing from Gaza during the recent battles between Fatah and Hamas forces have been discounted, though the death toll and damage is very real.  Crossing points have been looted and severely damaged, and even the US is suggesting that Israel just slam the doors shut and let the PA figure things out on their own.  No more crossings.  No more Palestinians working in Israel.  Yet we’re still sending them relief aid, taking their wounded into our hospitals, and subsidizing the new government!  Hmmm…


One response to “Let’s Stop the Violence…

  1. I don’t have any “intimacy” issues with my PC even though I have been known to kick it (lightly) from time to time (like this past Friday when it wouldn’t play any of the DVDs I put in it). For me, the violent reaction was due to my inability to dominate the thing. I mean really! It’s only some bits of hardware, it should do what I want when I want it to… grrrrrrrr

    As for the circus act that’s going on in Jerusalem, Gaza, Washington, and the West Bank: Alchoholics Anonymous describes insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    Nuff said.

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