We Have a New President

President Peres:   It is no major surprise as Shimon Peres is elected president.  While I have enormous respect for Peres as a statesman who has dedicated his life to the political process, I do sort of wish we had fresh blood in the position.  Peres, who began serving in the Knesset in 1959, is now in his 80s.  He’s still sharp as a tack and quite energetic, but I wonder how he is going to cope with all those state dinners!  (Peres keeps his trim shape with an extremely restricted calorie intake.)

Smellevision is here:  Leave it Israeli innovation to come up with Cinematrix, a new theater system that includes motion, temperature change, and smell!  Be sure to watch the video.  All I can say is, glad they didn’t have this when Animal House came out.

Rubber combs rule:  Northern LS not only gets a hat tip for the Cinematrix info, but she wins Nadine’s heart by giving her a strange rubber gadget that removes fluff while massaging the cat.  Nadine quickly turns into a melted puddle of kitty blubber.  She glares at me when I stop.


One response to “We Have a New President

  1. Cinematrix sounds very similar to the “feelies” in Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”

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