Those poor tires:   Yes, the hot sun can really do a number on your tires (the car’s, that is, not your belly flab).  I take the car in today after Gill puts on the spare.  I have yet to wear out treads here in Israel—the sidewalls just get dried out in the intense sun.  I get to the place and there is no one around, so I poke my head in the office.  There, a few grubby guys in sandals, shorts, and grease-stained T-shirts are davening (praying), finishing the afternoon prayers.  The owner makes the classic Israeli gesture of fingers bunched together, indicating “just a minute” (unlike a similar gesture in Italy).  Only in Israel.  It takes them just a few minutes to finish the Amidah and wrap things up.  Fifteen minutes later, I have three new radials and am zipping off to Akko. 

Fatty, fatty, two-by-four:   Miss Thing may be plump, but she has some serious competition in the Chubby Pets photo gallery.  Gotta love those lard-ass kitties.  I know, I know: it is a serious health problem and the site is hosted by a pet food company trying to get people to put their cats on a diet, but all that luscious kitty flab makes me grin.  Thanks to Northern LS for sharing this.

Not for the PC crowd:   Love it or hate it, www.catsthatlooklikehitler.com isn’t PC, but it is funny.  Make sure to check out the rants.  In their defense, many of the cats actually resemble Charlie Chaplin.  And keep in mind that Hitler hated cats (probably because they can’t be dominated).  Best part?  My mom showed me this link!

Going stag:   One of my current classes is all guys.  This is a first.  I am curious to see how this group will differ from others. 

Jetlag is not a lifestyle:  I managed to sleep well and have a fairly normal (albeit slow) day on my return, but the next night it all caught up with me.  We both woke up at 2:00 and didn’t get back to sleep.  Nadine, still eager to soak up any extra attention, rolls around in delight and purrs.  I have harvested huge amounts of fluff off of her, and there is no end in sight.


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