If you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes: Gill’s flight is delayed, so instead of arriving in Seattle 15 minutes after me, he gets in some two hours later.  It is almost 2:00 AM by the time we get into the city.  It is cold and bleak, but the taxi driver, who admits to being new on the job (but has a talking GPS system to guide him directly to our destination) says that the weather has been pleasant all week.

Pleasant in Seattle is a relative thing. 

We discover this the next day, sitting and watching the annual Norwegian Heritage Days parade in Ballard, a neighborhood in Seattle that was founded by Norwegians and is still heavily Scandinavian.  The parade, held 17 May every year, is a bizarre combination of traditional Scandinavian costumes and Americana kitsch.  The police motorcycle drill team, high school marching bands, plump girls in flag-waving drill teams, and elderly veterans all formed part of the parade, along with polka bands, trolls, and the obligatory Vikings.  We sat, waved, grinned, and gradually felt our extremities grow numb from the icy wind.  Around me, hearty Pacific Northwest children frolicked in shorts and sandals, while I shivered.  When I could no longer operate the controls on my camera, I knew that it was time to move indoors.  Pleasant, indeed.  Check out the pictures on my Flickr site.

Meanwhile, it is great to see family.
A brief moment of sunshine


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