On the Road Again

Almost out the door:  Time to hit the road again.  It is the big STC conference (in Minneapolis this year), and it will be my first official meetings as a board member.  Since the first meeting starts early in the morning after my (late night) arrival, I can only hope that I don’t fall asleep and start snoring, drooling, or otherwise embarrassing myself. 

I’ll keep you posted from the road. 

I’ll be missing the Eurovision semi-finals (go Teapacks!) Thursday PM.  But you don’t have to miss the fun.  If you haven’t already, watch the videos: they include pop, ethnic, rock, flamenco, blues, disco, dance, punk, swing, opera, and some that simply defy classification.  And the outfits!  Spandex, glitter, fur, and even aluminum foil.  Eurovision: 42 countries, dozens of languages and as many musical genres, and everyone having a good time.  There may be hope for mankind. 


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