Smoke Gets in My Eyes

Happy Lag b’Omer!   Yes, it is once again time for bonfires.  Lag b’Omer, the holiday that falls in the middle of the Counting of the Omer (the time between Pesach and Shavu’ot).  There are many stories that try to explain the tradition of bonfires, but suffice it to say that all kids are pyromaniacs at heart and any excuse to burn stuff is good enough for them.  We drive home from dinner and see the little fires all over.  The fire department has a busy night making sure that no errant spark sets off a brush fire, but all is well.  We hear the kids singing and playing music late into the night. 

This morning, the smell of smoke is still strong in the air, and the loudspeakers are blasting music as the Lag b’Omer festivities get underway in the city.  Nadine and I share the leftover flan and try to ignore the noise.

Hang in there, Tea Packs!   The news this morning is grim. (The headline reads, Tea Packs Considers Withdrawing from Eurovision.)  Seems that there are problems with SMS voting and more political pressure.  Interestingly, the only English news I could find has the opposite story!  Yet another reason why it pays to know another language!


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