Oh, so THAT’S how it works!

Color me clueless: I’m slowly figuring out the dashboard.  Apologies all around to WordPress, as their graphics control tools are, if anything, far superior to those of Blogger.  Pilot error.  (In other words, blame it on the human, not the software.)

Body image: I spend considerable time yesterday on the kibbutz talking to Katya, a small, pig-shaped dog of indeterminate breed.  Despite the obvious disadvantages (no tail and no neck), Katya is adorable.  I feed her slices of rubbery processed cheese (what is referred to here as yellow cheese) and watch her dance with joy.  It’s like putting a coin into a carnival game and watching the clown dance.  I feed her a small piece of something, and if she likes it, she shifts her weight back and forth as she chews enthusiastically.  Empirical results so far:

  • yellow cheese: dance
  • pita: dance
  • pita with humus: no dance
  • pecans: no dance

Clearly, more research is needed. 


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