As Geeky as I Wanna Be

Oh, gee.  Porting a blog to a new host is a great way to waste a whole day.  The thrill of tweaking code!  The frustration of debugging!  And all this for no monetary cost at all.  (I say nothing of the cost in time, stress, and marital strain…)

But the truth is, you can’t learn this stuff without climbing in there, rolling up your sleeves, and actually mucking around in the code.  So go, start a blog, hack a .css, and live a little. 

Just remember to come up for air once in a while and talk to your spouse.


One response to “As Geeky as I Wanna Be

  1. so… what’s your feedback on the export / import functionality?

    what kind of things needed tweaking?

    haven’t been thru the process yet.

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