Pesach Cleaning

Whew! It’s that time again, with the annual Pesach cleaning slog that has us turning our houses upside down and inside out. In two days, we get through almost everything, though I’ve decided that a few office storage areas will have to wait. The chance of any hametz lurking in with client files is rather remote. And while the work is tiring and boring, it is a good feeling to get things really clean, not to mention purging all the crud that accumulates over the year. The only one really upset by this process in Nadine, who screams at us and makes rude suggestions. I retaliating by giving two open packages of cat treats to a local stray.

Happy…! Oh, never mind: We have a late lunch at a tiny, hole-in-the-wall restaurant that we like in the village of Rami. As we walk in, we see that the place is packed, and everyone is staring at us expectantly. They look very excited, and then instantly disappointed. But following close on our heels is the much-surprised guest of honor, and everyone breaks into a rousing version of Happy Birthday. We are caught in the middle of the celebration, and it takes us a few moments to work our way out to the garden tables. Once safely ensconced, we feast on humus with beans, cauliflower in t’hina, and other treats.

Back to more cleaning…


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