Sniffin’ and Sneezin’

Hay fever blues: This is the worst spring I can remember as far as allergy symptoms. After having managed to get my hay fever and other allergies under control for quite a few years, I am back to going through forests of tissue and squinting at the world through red, itchy eyes. Back in for more treatments…

Oh, no! My carefully planned trip to Zurich is already falling apart. The conference is in a small window of time between Yom haSho’ah (Holocaust Memorial Day) and Yom haZikaron (memorial day for our soldiers). We could leave after and get back before, if you will. My planning is based on a desk calendar that has all the holidays and is easier to read than my over-crowded scheduling software. Turns out that this calendar lists Yom haZikaron (and therefore Yom haAtzma’ut, our independence day) one day later than they really are. We’re screwed. And where did this calendar come from, you ask? My travel agent. Oh, the irony.

Miss Nadine gets poked: We take Nadine in for a scheduled worm shot. There is a wait at the vet’s, so we get to sit and talk to a nice guy with his big, goofy puppy. We talk about the love of animals and the grief we endure when they die. A couple comes in, deeply distressed, and the vet takes them aside and gives them a box—clearly the body of a beloved cat or small dog. Our vet is a gentle, compassionate man, and he dealt with Rudy’s death (our gingy cat who died about seven years ago) with dignity and kindness. I find myself tearing up just watching the couple leave with their mournful little burden. But soon it is Nadine’s turn for a shot and quick checkup. She endures the usual poking and prodding, has some tissue extracted from a lump on her leg, and is told that she is maleh’ah (full-figured). (Our vet is too polite to come right out and call her fat.) She moans and tries to crawl inside my jacket. Safely home again, she gobbles her tuna and retires to the linen closet for a long shluff.

Coughing up the cash: After two months and dozens of calls, faxes, arguments, forms, hoop-jumping, and red-tape untangling, we receive some money from the insurance company. It is well under half of what we lost, but we have basically been worn down. As soon as possible, we’ll change companies. I would love to hear recommendations (good and bad) from my local readers.

Covering the globe: After a week of having mysterious readers in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and China, things have gone back to my normal spots. I can guess why someone in Saudi Arabia might want to read a blog from Israel, but I suspect that my Chinese reader was attracted to the luscious pictures of Nadine. Remember, one man’s pet is another man’s lunch.


2 responses to “Sniffin’ and Sneezin’

  1. Isn’t Thailand where they eat cats and dogs?
    I can’t even imaging eating my cat, but then again, I don’t eat any animal – I’m a vegetarian.

  2. After my traveling for two days and (accidentally!) only leaving enough cat food for one day, my CATS were attracted to the lucious pictures of Nadine. Maybe, in a sly bid to disguise their intentions, they figured out how to re-route my IP address so you “think” it’s coming from China.

    Wait … out of the corner of my eye … I could swear I just saw tails and pitch forks …

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