Storm Warnings

BOOM! A violent storm wakes us at 6:00 this morning. Nadine, curled up against my back, uses all her claws to push off against me in an attempt to escape. I start the morning with an unwanted acupuncture session…

The rain, while much needed, has disrupted a few things. Our plans for a romantic Valentine’s dinner last night are cancelled when the rain shorts out the electrical wiring at our fave little bistro. (They call us to let us know that the restaurant is closed.) Nadine, however, is pleased that we stay in: she spends the evening sprawled next to her abba (daddy), purring and gazing at him adoringly. Daddy’s girl…

Elections are looming: Not national elections, but elections within my professional society, STC (Society for Technical Communication). In a flurry of last-minute campaigning, I try to get my message out. See the candidates here. And remember what your mother always told you: you can laugh, but don’t point.

Tech support gears up for the release of a new technology: My cousin Laurie shares this little gem with us.

One response to “Storm Warnings

  1. Leah,

    Firstly good luck in the election.
    Secondly, thanks for the link to the video clip. I haven’t laughed so much for a long time.

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