The End of the Rainbow

The up-side of storms: Central LS shares these gorgeous rainbows with us. The pictures were taken by her co-worker, Oshra, from the window of the company’s offices in Yakum (center of the country, about half an hour north of Tel Aviv).

The up-side of teaching: Last night I finish my final session with my Akko group, turning them over to the capable hands of Jimmy, our FrameMaker guru. They’ve been a delight—smart, funny, astonishingly good-natured in the face of a gruelling training schedule, and full of surprises. I stagger home laden with flowers, chocolates, and a lovely card.

Left: Dave and Keren find it all very amusing.

Right: Eric beats Word into submission.

Front row: Dave, Keren, Eric, and Irena.
Back row: Sharon, me, and Aryeh.

Another group shot: Irena takes the camera and Jimmy steps in.

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