Terror Update

This time it’s Eilat: After almost nine months without a suicide bombing, a terrorist slips through and blows himself up in Eilat. Eilat, a resort area at the tip of Israel, is known for diving, hotels, beaches, and night life. It doesn’t usually get targeted for terror attacks.

The attack reminds us that nothing has changed:

Our soldiers are still held captive.

Hamas is still heavily armed and still in southern Lebanon.

Communities near Gaza are still being hit with Qassam rockets on an almost daily basis.

The solution? I have no idea, and I’m too tired to even think.

The flu that just won’t quit: Gill’s sick. I’m feeling crappy. I fall behind with project work, correcting student homework, and even basics like doing laundry. Meanwhile, the training schedule is still intense. Yesterday I leave the house at 5:50, drive to the Tel Aviv area, set up, teach, drive back, organize my stuff for my evening class in Akko, head out there, teach, and get home at 21:30. It has been an almost 16-hour day and I am completely done in.

But there are a few nice things along the way. The engineers in the training course are funny, smart, and clearly having a good time. Leaving their building, I see that my car has been wedged in, and I enlist the help of a passer-by to help me navigate out. That’s one of the great things here—you can stop a total stranger and ask for help, and instead of having the guy stare at you, he is usually happy to jump in and do something. As I stop on the long drive home for lunch, I get an exceptionally friendly and helpful waiter. Finally, the rain holds off until I am safely home. It all adds up to help me survive the day.


One response to “Terror Update

  1. Last time I checked Hamas was in Gaza and it was Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon.

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