Diagnosis: Despair

That’s what we feel: Northern reader LS sends me this Daniel Gordis article. Gordis, a thoughtful and articulate writer, has once again managed to express what many of us are feeling. “He puts his finger precisely on the pulse of my feelings,” says LS, and I agree. More interesting is that LS and I are poles apart politically. Our world views differ. We often disagree on many of the key issue of the day.

But Gordis manages to identify and dissect the underlying problem. And this seems to be something that many of us “get” at some level. It is a long piece, but well worth reading. Don’t miss the podcasts and email newsletter options on his site, too.

Welcome, Madam President: Meet our new acting president, Dalia Itzik. Currently the Minister of Communications, Itzik has also served as Minister of the Environment and Minister of Trade and Industry. Itzik is has been an MK (Member of Knesset) for many years, serving in the 13th, 14th, and 16th sessions of the Knesset, representing Avodah (Labor party). She has sat on a variety of parliamentary committees, including Constitution, Law and Justice, Internal Affairs and Environment, and Science and Technology. Itzik served as Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, where she resides, and was educated at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I’m glad that she was able to step in as acting president when Moshe Katsav was forced to step down from his duties (though still not official resign!) when faced with charges of rape.


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