Welcome to My World

It’s spring, and the nut-cases are blooming: Something about the warm, spring-like weather of the past two days has brought the nuts out en force.

  1. They are on the roads (the driver who missed a turnoff on a main highway, and then backed up, ignoring all the traffic behind him—in the dark, no less—to make the turn).
  2. They are in the stores (the entire sales department of Office Despot, huddled together for a cozy gossip session, while helpless customers roam the aisles).
  3. They are in our government (the list is too long…).
  4. They are in our house (witness Nadine’s attempt to eat a plastic bag).

Nadine, in particular, has spring fever. She waddles from room to room like a restless bear, meows, whacks us with her paw to get attention, and then suddenly trots (belly flab swinging from side to side like udders on a cow). Last night she sits on my lap during Shabbat dinner, gorging herself on challah and deboned trout.

And what kind of a strange world do we live in? I get home from my Tel Aviv class thinking of lentil soup. “Sounds good,” agrees Gill. So I start to saute onions, assemble ingredients, and only then do I discover that we have no lentils. “No problem,” says Gill (or words to that effect in Hebrew), grabbing his keys. In less than ten minutes, he is back from the grocery store in the Arab village across the road, which is open on Shabbat. He brings lentils, a few odds and ends, and… challah. In what universe can you buy challah in an Arab village? We must be in Israel. There is something sweet yet bizarre about it.

Rebuilding: My computer is still not fully set up the way I want. I had become lazy and complacent about recording all system changes, and my old computer had a number of small aps downloaded from shareware sites. I didn’t remember to back up the downloaded install files, or even record which aps I was using, and it took me two weeks to remember the name of that great little graphics program. (Sigh!) So, kids, learn your lesson from Aunt Leah. Don’t just back up your data, but record things like port configurations, downloaded aps, etc. And don’t keep your backup next to the computer! Someone has tried to convince me to do one of those online backups, but I am leery of sending endless amounts of potentially private information to some server out there. How secure it is? Windows tracks things like browser activity, field data, etc. Can you imagine someone harvesting that data. “Hmmm. Looks like she has a fondness for cow-related websites and online cheese forums…” I mean, really!

Dogless in Karmiel: “Do we really want to make our lives miserable?” That is the question of the hour. Nadine’s antics remind us that she is the boss and will not tolerate any interloper (though she apparently has no problem with burglars breaking in and ripping us off while we sleep). “Just think of the balagan,” says Gill, trying to draw a picture of the madhouse that would be sure to ensue if we added a dog to the family. He’s right, you know. But I still feel the need for a tiny dog.

Family, family: We’re off to a large family function at the kibbutz. It has been a while since I’ve seen Gill’s siblings and families, so it will be nice to catch up with everyone.


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