National Shame

It’s official: President Moshe Katsav has been charged with rape. He’ll probably be out of office by the end of today. That pretty much sums up the news right now. Everything is dark, depressing, and desperate. Perhaps my perspective is being colored by the break-in, but it certainly seems pretty bleak. We lack leadership; our generals resign; our heads of state are deviants; our schools crumble; our enemies remain implacable. Oh, and Gill and I are still sick.

The only thing that gives us any comfort is patting Nadine’s ample belly, which is soft, squishy, mostly bald, and delicately scented.

So I have a challenge for you. Write in and tell me what cheers you up, puts you in a good mood, and brings the sun out in your life.

More break-in follow-up: Gill and I get some ID and credit cards back. Someone found some stuff by the side of the road on Route 6 and Gill was able to pick it up on Friday. Some of the stuff belonged to a neighbor who was robbed the same night. He came over to pick things up and we had a good venting session. He’s been robbed a few times and is really fed up. He’s decided to go the Rottweiler route, which seems foolhardy as he has small children.

The great search: OK, I’ve been talking about doggies for a long time now, but we’re ready to start. There is a lot of conflicting information out there, and I’ve read just about every “professional” piece, but what I’m looking for is personal experience. If you have had a small dog (as in very small), let me know. What did you like, what did you find annoying? What worked and didn’t? I have my own prejudices and preferences, but I want to hear from you.


4 responses to “National Shame

  1. Actually, he hasn’t yet been charged with rape. The Attorney General said that he is considering bringing rape charges, but that it will depend on the result of a hearing held by the A-G, where the President and his lawyers will have an opportunity to rebut the accusations.
    This process could take many weeks, and may result in the President not being charged.

  2. That is correct. In addition, even if the president is convicted, who knows what the penalty will be. The former Transport Minister Mordechai was convicted, but didn’t sit even one day in jail. (I’m aware of the differences in the alleged crimes, but nobody can predict the outcome…) *Shakes head*

  3. De-lurking for a sec as I read your blog often and saw the chance to offer a comment.

    We have a small dog (miniature poodle), but he’s not a very good watch dog. He’ll only bark at noises (knock on the door, etc) if either my wife or I are there for back-up. If anyone comes into the house when he’s home alone, you will not hear nary a peep out of him. I’ve heard tiny dogs have more of an attitude, though.

  4. As you know, I have a small dog. She’s great at barking at noises, but usually does it from a safe distance. I wouldn’t trust her alone around small, loud children, but I doubt she’d be much of a threat to anyone else. If you do go this route, get a dog that’s over six months old so you don’t have to deal with the puppy stage of housebreaking it and it chewing up everything. If you decide you do want a dog to attack intruders, you’ll need to train it or have it trained. You’ll also need to think of Nadine. You don’t want the dog attacking her. Dogs also need to be walked 2 to 4 times a day no matter what the weather and you have to clean up after them.

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