Grump-fest 2007

Rant mode ON: Oh, what a crappy week it has been. Gill and I are still sorting through the insanity of it all. The spree of break-ins was so significant that it made headline news. One of the houses hit was a police officer’s. I wonder if that will spur the police to do something about this.

Suddenly, small yippy dogs seem much more appealing…

I escape for the day to Tel Aviv on Friday; a guest instructor takes over the class, giving me a chance to run two long-overdue errands and gobble some very chic food before trotting back to the classroom.

On the long drive home, we witness a bad accident as a car tries to move into the fast lane, not seeing another vehicle. At the last moment, the car swerves back across our lane, loses control, smashes through the guard rail, and comes to a stop wedged between some trees on the sandy ground next to the highway. All the cars around me waver, weave, and wobble, and we are very nearly in a horrific chain accident, but luckily everyone manages to stop in time. We find ourselves on the shoulder with our hazard blinkers on; Northern LS (my guest instructor for the day) grabs the mandatory fluorescent yellow vest and hops out. Four guys erupt from the car in front of me (also stopped on the shoulder) and sprint for the wrecked car. Everyone is whipping out their cell phones and making calls. The driver and passengers are shaken but unharmed, though the car looks like a real mess. Our systems coursing with adrenaline, we ease back onto the highway and continue home.

Meanwhile, Gill is still sick, and just not making any headway. He seems to have the same flu that has been plaguing me off and on all winter. Right now he is upstairs, attempting the best known cure (cat massage).

In my attempt to sort through more things today, I end up being outrageously irritated by the manager at my gym, my cellular provider, Office Depot (or Office Despot, as I prefer to call it), some knucklehead at an electronics shop, and just about every other human being I come into contact with during the day. Meanwhile, my phone doesn’t stop ringing as clients call me while I’m standing in line dealing with endless red tape. I’m sure in another few days things will seem better, but right now I am tired, angry, upset, and I would have no problem inflicting extreme bodily injuries to the *$%#s who did this to us. Rant mode OFF.

What’s leather, stylish, and potentially toxic? Give up? Your purse! Northern LS sends me this very scary Snopes report. Snopes is the place to look for the definitive truth on any number of ULs (Urban Legends). This one, unfortunately, is true.

Sweeping changes in education: OK, they are only proposed changes, but they make sense to me. The school system here is in crisis, and we hear endless horror stories from friends with school-aged children.

A grab-bag of strangeness:

  1. Carter defends his book. No surprise here, just a lingering sadness over the decline of a statesman in pursuit of an agenda.
  2. Like an old vaudeville joke, it turns out that Kim Jong-il is bad for the Jews (and everyone else).
  3. You would think the Brits would have learned that Chamberlain’s tactics don’t work…
  4. A void that no one wants to fill… The post of Chief of General Staff of the IDF has changed hands repeatedly. Dan Halutz’s resignation last week may be motivated by the soon-to-be released report on the IDF failures of the second Lebanon war. In any case, we are left flapping in the breeze. Maybe Condaleeza Rice wants to try?


One response to “Grump-fest 2007

  1. Re. post of Chief of General Staff of the IDF:

    Isn’t Donald Rumsfeld available?

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