An End of an Era

Ta-ta, Teddy: Yesterday, the world said good-bye to Teddy Kollek, whose remarkable life ended at the ripe age of 95. Teddy’s legacy was to turn Jerusalem into a modern city that embraced the rights of all residents. Unfortunately, while his funeral was going on, more Qassams were falling on S’derot, and MK Mohammad Barakeh urges Palestinians to unite against Israel. Uh, hello? Barakeh is an MK (that’s a member of Knesset). If a US senator urged, say, Iraqis to unite to destroy the US, wouldn’t that be grounds for at least a censure?

Sports flash: While Israeli athletes are banned from many sports events hosted in Arab countries, the reverse is not true. Runner Mushim Salem Jawher from Bahrain entered, and won, the Tiberius Marathon.


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