Where’s My Winter?

Well, blow me down: While our mild, dry winter continues, the Seattle area (where my parents live) and much of the Pacific Northwest is being pummelled by a terrific storm. Yikes!

First candle: We light the hanukkiah (menorah) tonight with the first candles. We each have our own (one for me, one for Gill, and one for Nadine, though we do the lighting for her). Two use candles, one burns olive oil. Nadine opens her first present (some Japanese freeze-dried tuna chunks) and gobbles them happily.

It’s too late to think coherently! Fridays are my killer days. Getting up at 4:20 is never fun, and in the winter it is extra tough. By the time I get home from Tel Aviv, I am wiped out. Now, all I can think about is my cat, my bed, and a good book. Hag s’meach, everyone!

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