Blog-on-the-road, Part 10: Gobble, gobble!

Gevalt! I meet the huge, extended family that my nephew Tavi is marrying into. About 70 people from this clan gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, and it is certainly an impressive event, with too much food and too many names to remember. My nephew’s fiance brings an elaborate family tree, which remains on display in the front hall throughout the day.We get a ride back with one of the cousins, his wife, and an tearfully smelly dog named Lilly. If the dark, cold, rainy conditions are not challenging enough, the added traffic from the holiday evening, plus the inherently horrible NY highway signposting, add an extra level of difficulty. We arrive safely, however, though the house is like a meat locker and Mocha, the guinnea pig, is screaming her head off. I am given Pig Combing Duty while my sister cleans the pig’s cage and refreshes her food and water. In an attempt to create a more interesting hair style, I back-comb Mocha’s tush and earn a nasty bite for my efforts. Some pigs are just so ungrateful.


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