Blog-on-the-road: Pictures

Penny, the hotel dog, basking in a stripe of sun

The list of American ships the participated in WWII is impressive

One of the navy memorials down by the waterfront

I make friends on Coronado Island

My father poses with a bike made of bamboo


One response to “Blog-on-the-road: Pictures

  1. I love the picture of you and the cow. It reminds me of something I saw the other day at the Kastra Mall, in Haifa.

    I’d just had lunch at Spagettim, and was heading towards the escalators on my way back to work, when I saw an installation of photographs from the war. Some were extremely touching, some scary, and some very detailed displays of the destruction caused by the Katyushot. Most of them were from Haifa and the surrounding area (I wish I’d known they were going to do this, I’d have printed some of my own), but there were also pictures from the front.

    The one that made me think of you? Two cows happily grazing in the forefront while a tank fires on enemy targets a few meters behind them (pretty much over their heads). It was an incredible shot! I know you would have loved it.

    At least it is proof that there were a FEW cows that survived the war!

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