Blog-on-the-road, Part 3

Insomnia, shmomnia—as long as you can sleep: Feh. It is 2:00 and I am awake. Time to check out some of my fave sites, and I stumble across this amazing photo journal of the Gay Pride event.

I am sadly graphically challenged. I see the beautiful artistic expression of others, and while I may have my own creative ideas, I am incapable of actually executing them. Oh, well. I can always appreciate others’ work.

  • Would that I could catch the essence of NE Arkansas visually. Flat. Large open tracts of land. More huge cars than I have ever seen in one place (client’s parking lot). In fact, while waiting for my shuttle service back to the hotel, I think that each approaching car might be it, as they are all far too massive to be private cars. I watch a tiny, doll-like Asian woman pull up in a Hummer, and only a few cars have more than one person in them.
  • I wish that I could catch the desolate sadness of the deciduous trees, left to shiver naked in the chilly air. We have so few deciduous trees in Israel that we sometimes forget that lovely cycle of changing colors and falling leaves.
  • I wish that I could capture the bovine placidness of a large family methodically working their way through a buffet.
  • I wish that I could capture the yesteryear look of the ads on the local TV station.

But mostly, I wish that I could go back to sleep.


One response to “Blog-on-the-road, Part 3

  1. Nice pictures. Too bad Meretz had to spoil the event. And here I was worried it would be the flamboyant flamers who did it…


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