My Morning Loop

Earthquake: I wake up this morning to a seismic quake. Fourteen years of SoCal life has rendered me rather blasé about having the ground move, so I lie there for a moment, collecting my thoughts. It takes only a few seconds to realize that it is isn’t a tremor but Nadine giving herself a vigorous bath and shaking the bed in the process. Maybe I should put her on a diet.

But by now it is getting light and I know that I won’t fall asleep again. I slip out of bed quietly, find a pair of sweats, and lace up my old sturdy walking shoes. By 6:10, I’m out the door and wondering if I should have worn something warmer.
As much as I love an early morning run, there is a distinctly different delight that comes from long, brisk walks. (Plus my aging knees won’t tolerate daily runs.) At this hour, the other walkers are mostly accompanied by dogs tugging eagerly at leashes and sniffing everything they pass. (The dogs, not the owners…) There are a few hearty older people who take advantage of the cool morning temperature to march briskly through the neighborhood, and here and there I spy city workers getting a jump-start on the public area gardening. But for the most part, I have the neighborhood to myself.
A cow has strayed from its herd and munches thistles at the far edge of the neighborhood. She pauses and looks at me balefully as I pass. A skinny cat lies sprawled across the road like a discarded sweater; I fear that it has been run over, but no, it stretches and walks off. Annoying Guard Dog leaps up, barking, as I pass its fence, causing me to jump. Doesn’t matter how many times I have walked by or how many times that stupid dog has barked at me, I still jump.

Now it is time to buckle down and work on my seminar material. Hopefully, the circulatory benefits of my walk will help my brain function better. But maybe I ought to fire up the espresso machine, just in case…Barbie goes kosher: Yeah, cool, but why dafka blonde hair and blue eyes? (Thanks to Karmiel LS for the heads-up.)


One response to “My Morning Loop

  1. About Barbie – there are different angles on that. This is what Ploni_bat_ploni has to say in her comment:

    “I also like the fact that Frum Jewish Barbie has blond hair/blue eyes. Two birds with one stone: not only challenging mysogyny but also deconstructing myths around “looking Jewish”. You go, girl!”

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