The Blog Goes Big

The book is here! Michael J. Totten’s collection on the Hezbollah War (his term) is now available at Amazon. Part 2 of the series is:

Blog Digest #1: Never has a war been blogged with such immediacy as the recent Israeli onslaught on southern Lebanon. The passion, anguish, and intelligence of bloggers on both sides have been uniquely displayed. Michael Totten sifts through this enormous output and presents the best of these dispatches, in the first of an ongoing series of Blog Digests.Yada yada yada. I’m not so sure about the “Israeli onslaught” part, but Totten is a pretty well-known blogger and fairly balanced, and therefore I agreed to allow one of my blog posts to be reprinted in this book. Totten and his project partner, Adam Bellow (Saul Bellow’s son), are definitely Big Cheeses, so I felt mildly honored when they approached me for reprint rights to one of my semi-senile ramblings. (Warped as I am, I admit to experiencing a much bigger thrill for getting my name on Dave Barry’s blog!)

What’s a bleecker when it’s home? Bleecker’s is the brand new restaurant bar that has opened at Teradion, a high tech park about ten minutes from Karmiel (and home of several of my clients). After doing my obligatory hakafot last night for Simchat Torah (and why is it that I always end up with the heaviest sefer torah?), Gill and I head out to Teradion to try out the new place. The manager is on hand, training the staff and supervising every step of the service, which was excellent.

Super mom: My mother returns from a hiking and kayaking trip. At 75, she was one of the oldest there, and the fastest hiker. I’d be happy for half her energy.


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