The Lull, part 21

Pope in the scope: International security experts are all scrambling to prevent an attack on the Pope. Stratfor gets it right again in their analysis. I wish more people would understand that terror is not triggered by something the potential victim says or does. You’re never going to be PC enough to satisfy a fanatic:

Jihadist attacks against Christian targets can be expected to continue in Muslim lands. This was to be expected even had the pope not quoted a passage from history that described the teachings of Mohammed as “evil and inhuman”…

But somehow, people don’t get the message. Everyone wants to make nice to Ahmadinejad in hopes of talking away the specter of a nuclear Iran. Is Livni the only one awake at the wheel? These days, our foreign minister seems to be the only one left in the government with a backbone and a brain still attached to it. Go get ’em, Tzipi.

Best news of the day: IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz says that all our soldiers should be home by Friday, erev rosh hashana.

Bling it on: What would I do without my eagle-eyed readers? Northern LS keeps us informed of the latest in pet dental care.

Biker dude: Gill models his birthday bike shoes. These are specialized bike shoes for off-roaders who need sturdy hiking shoes to portage their bikes over rough terrain, but also want the added power of a clip pedal. Yes, I first wrote about his shoes back in early August around his birthday, but couldn’t manage to load the picture. Don’t worry—I’m not planning on showing you his padded underwear…


One response to “The Lull, part 21

  1. Hi Leah,

    Reading your blog is my number one tactic to delay the onset of work – looking forward to reading more next year.

    Shana tova and g’mar hatima tova.


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