The Lull, part 16

Gee, ya think?! Amnesty International finally admits that Hezbullah is naughty. If nothing else, this does make AI’s credibility go up a notch.

What kind of bridal registry do they have? An alert reader sends in this newsworthy piece.

That’s Macedonia, not mastodon: Nadine gets nervous as Gill and I discuss Israel’s basketball victory over Macedonia.

Why we love Aussies, #217: Cows with prostheses.

Why we love our telenovelas: Israelis love Latin American telenovelas, particularly those from Argentina. And there are some good reasons:

  1. Unlike American soap operas, a telenovela has a start and an end, usually somewhere between 150 and 300 episodes.
  2. Telenovelas don’t take themselves seriously. There is always a lot of over-the-top slapstick, and great comic bit parts.
  3. The sex scenes and can melt your TV’s circuitry.
  4. Natalia Oreiro and Facundo Arana. See #3, above. These two have both visited Israel to meet with fans. When Muñeca brava was broadcast here, the two became instant stars with the Israeli public. Oreiro proved so deliciously irresistable that talk-show idiot Dudu Topaz (aka Israel’s Most Annoying Celebrity) took a bite while interviewing her back in 2003. It made front-page news, which was a real delight for all of us, because it meant that Nothing Had Blown Up That Day. The two are back in this year’s offering, Sos mi vida.
  5. Educationally challenging. Think about it. They are speaking rapid-fire Spanish and the only subtitles are in Hebrew (though you can catch them with Arabic and Russian subtitles on other channels). By concentrating very hard, I can get enough to follow the plot line, but it is serious work. So on days when I can’t get to the gym, I can work out my muscles and my brain at the same time.
  6. It makes absolutely no difference how many episodes you miss. There will be something ridiculous, something emotional, and something steamy enough to make me cover Nadine’s eyes.

And be careful about that finger-pointing. What you may sneer at as bad taste is actually indicative of how cosmopolitan and global we are. Can you name even one Bollywood megastar? Do you regularly watch movies or TV shows with subtitles? For us, movies from France, Gemany, Sweden, India, and Ireland are as mainstream as the latest Hollywood offering.


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