The Lull, part 6

News flash: The world should count on Iran, says Annan. That’s right. The repressive, fundamentalist, keep-all-women-veiled, hold-mass-purges-of-professors-who-dare-to-speak-out-against-the-regime country (now threatening the entire world with the specter of nuclear weapons) is good.

News flash, deja vu: El Al can’t land in Europe if they carry any IDF cargo. I’m not making it up. That’s right. The democratic, modern, cross-cultural, other-religion-respecting, freedom-of-speech-protecting country (defending itself) is evil. I keep forgetting. Thank goodness that the world press is there to remind me on a daily basis.

Every once in a while, the good guys win: The precious Gilboa iris, a delicate wildflower with a very short but spectacular season, survives a head-to-head battle with developers.

Every once in a while, the good guys get noticed: Hebrew U wins a spot in the top 100 best universities in the world.

Karmiel couple charged with violating Geneva Convention: Well, not really, but Gill is rushing out to buy different cat food for Nadine. Consumption of [we won’t print the name here for fear of being sued] brand has turned my normally clean and sweet-smelling cat into a deadly stink bomb. The smell is so ghastly that the poor girl spends much of today trying to run away from it. She is now in bed, cowering under the covers in shame. On Gill’s side. No worries.

A vote update: The masses have spoken! Well, at least the dozen or so of you who bothered to vote. Secondary windows it is and will remain. Enjoy. Meanwhile, I am in awe of your diversity. Just a few minutes ago, I had readers in Spain, Italy, Israel, the US, Canada, Uruguay, South Africa, and the Mauritias logged in. Wow!

A lovely, calm evening to all…


One response to “The Lull, part 6

  1. hi Leah
    I thought the news about the saving of the Gilboa Iris was the best news for a long time.

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