Kav Imut, part 14

Can you say that again, please? Hamas spokesman Ghazi Hamad says that Palestinians have to stop blaming Israel and fix their own screw-ups. Color me surprised.

Just gimme a KISS: Gene Simmons to the rescue. And you thought they were just a bunch of freaks in face paint…

Can you spell irony? It looks like former MK Yossi Sarid won’t be able to attend an international conference on freedom of expression and tolerance in Bali, Indonesia. His invitation was rescinded because he is Israeli.

Things that make you go hmmm: Ha’aretz columnist Amir Oren points out, “The makeup of the multinational force means trouble for Israel. The European Union refuses to include Hezbollah on its list of terrorist organizations. Three Muslim countries from Asia who are willing to join the Europeans in the force are Indonesia, Malaysia and Bangladesh, which do not recognize Israel. Such a force will not be keen to confront Hezbollah.”

Nasrallah tells all: In a Lebanese TV interview, Nasrallah admits to being a wee bit surprised by our response. This reminds me of the following story. About 40 years ago, we had a Golden Lab named Lance. One summer, guests arrived with their incredibly obnoxious little yippy dog. Lance tried to be the gracious host, even when the little dog ran in circles around him, barking hysterically and nipping. But when the little dog darted under him and bit his unmentionables, Lance finally lost his patience. He picked the dog up, carried it to the end of the dock, and flung it (unhurt) into the lake. I bet that dog was surprised by the response, too. Lance could have killed the dog in a matter of seconds, but he found a humane way to remove the source of irritation. Our guests were horrified and complained bitterly about our “vicious” dog. Lance never started a fight in his life, but if he was attacked, he would defend himself. He also regarded me as his personal responsibility, and spent my toddler years herding me away from danger, including once getting between me and a rattlesnake. Seems now that Lance was misnamed; we should have called him Izzy.

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2 responses to “Kav Imut, part 14

  1. Great story about Lance. I can just picture Nasrallah as an obnoxious, yippy dog…
    As for the vote – secondary windows please.

  2. Atta dog!! I love retrievers…
    My vote is for secondary windows too.

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