Kav Imut, part 8

The light at the end of the tunnel, or the headlights of an oncoming train? Hard to tell, these days. A friend sends an essay filled with hope for a rational, moderate Arab world, but then I note that it is Youssef Ibrahim’s piece that he wrote for the New York Sun back on 17 July. It is a lovely piece, but sadly out of date. In the five weeks since Ibrahim wrote it, Israel has been bloodied by Hezbullah, caught flat-footed in a storm of international reaction, and forced into a cease-fire that didn’t really solve anything. The Arab moderates cited by Ibrahim have gone from repremanding Nasrallah to cheering him vigorously.

Goose-stepping for goose liver: Don’t you just feel soooo sorry for Fatima Kabanin, who opened a Nazi-themed restaurant in Mumbai, India, and was surprised by the reaction of the Jewish population? “This place is not about wars or crimes, but where people come to relax and enjoy a meal,” he whinged to a Reuters reporter. Words fail me…

Licking our wounds: Everyone in the north is now going through the complex process of assessing the personal cost of the war. For some, it is a certain percentage of lost business. For others, it is physical damage to property. For over thousands of families, it means coping with physical injury and the accompanying hospital stay and psychological trauma. And all this is nothing compared to the 100+ familes who lost a loved one. Yet we’ll keep going. I’m so delighted to see businesses open again that I even smile at the fashion-challenged idiot who runs The World’s Worst Shoe Store, specializing in what my sister calls extreme shoes.

Ya gotta laugh: “We’re not biased,” wimpers CNN. It’s good for a morning chuckle, but be sure to read Yaacov Lappin’s sidebar on the facts. In more cheery news, a group of 200 energetic protesters rally near the prime minister’s office in Jerusalem, calling for Olmert and other leaders to step down over their failure in the war. “Decency demands that they quit,” says one of the group’s organizers. Olmert will probably go down in history as The Prime Minister Who Never Was. But none of this is nearly as exciting as the plans to hold the Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem this year. I’m thrilled because the Tel Aviv parade route goes near our training center, clogging traffic and making it almost impossible to leave at the end of class. But the best news of all comes from Italy’s Prime Minister Romano Prodi, who announced that Italy is prepared to lead a UN Force in southern Lebanon. Why is this good news? Well, I have several single friends, and nothing looks better in a uniform than an Italian guy. Besides, think what this can do for all the horrible ersatz Italian restaurants in the north! Yes, I dream of world peace and a clean environment, but for now, I would settle for a restaurant that understands al dente and makes pizza like in Napoli.

2 responses to “Kav Imut, part 8

  1. I was also dumbfounded by the owner’s excuse. “We wanted to be different”, they wanted people’s attention, it was a marketing stategy aimed at standing out in the crowd. Umm, yeah, you did that.
    Wonder why I just lost my appetite…

  2. Leah, you’re just great. I love your posts.

    BTW, do you have any British in your background, or do you perhaps hang around with Brits? “Whinging” is used a lot in the UK, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard an American use it.

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