Under Fire, part 44

Day 30 and all is not well: I leave the house at 10:45 to head down to Tel Aviv for some training sessions. Knowing that I am running on fumes, I stop at the gas station near Misgav. No sooner do I open my car door than I hear the sirens. I crowd into the gas station’s mini-market (a pathetically flimsy excuse for shelter) along with a half dozen other people, and wait for the siren to stop. Another goes off just as I finish pumping gas. I trot back inside, thinking that a gas station is not the ideal place to be when ketushot are being lobbed at you. About an hour later, I catch the noon news on the radio, and learn that the sirens were accompanied by several barrages that hit Deir el Asad, the village right across the highway from us, killing a mother and child. It was with a heavy heart that I continued south to Tel Aviv.

How odd it is to be walking around down here! I stop for a cup of coffee and listen to a man in an intense conversation with the person behind the coffee bar. Are they talking about the war? As I close the door and block out the street noise, the angry man’s words become clear: he is raving about Starbucks. “They don’t know how to roast, how to grind, what temperature the water should be, nothing!” he fumes. (It is true: the specatular failure of Starbucks and its subsequent pullout from the Israel market had nothing to do with anti-Semitism; the coffee is just too wimpy and expensive for our tastes!) How reassuring to know that while rockets are scorching the earth in much of the north, the really important issues have not been forgotten.

I revel in being able to sit outside, eat a meal, and window shop. Reluctantly, I drag myself back to our training center and start working. But as motorcycle goes by, my heart contracts for a moment.

You can take a shell-shocked person away from danger, but you can’t necessarily remove the sense of danger from poor shell-shocked knucklehead. At least not without large doses of chocolate.

Onward, onward…


2 responses to “Under Fire, part 44

  1. At least not without large doses of chocolate.

    Ah, a Harry Potter fan…

    Hugs and chocolate from me to you (sadly only virtual for the time being).

  2. {cough, cough}

    It’s now 10 pm Israel time. I hope at least you’re out somewhere having fun!

    (Yes, I am a Jewish mother… why do you ask?!)

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