Under Fire, part 42

Some heroes you might not read about: This is now the third time that we have had ketushot falling on us with no warning siren. Most disconcerting. As the army calls up tens of thousands of reservists and the daily barrages on northern communities continues, there seems to be no progress in the international community. The situation is, to say the least, disheartening. Yet all around me, I see examples of individuals who are somehow keeping their spirits up and doing the best they can under terrible conditions.

One of these “Molly Brown” types is Rachel Marom. You can read about her Haifa soup kitchen here.

A family on a kibbutz under the flight path of IAF planes and choppers sacrificed their roof to offer this moral support to our guys as they fly over:

(For those of you who don’t read Hebrew, the roof tiles have been removed to spell out b’hatzlecha: “To your success!”) And lest you are wondering, it won’t rain again for at least two, maybe three months, so these guys will be able to replace the roof in time. We hope.

Cheesecake to the rescue: A few of you have asked for the recipe for the infamous ricotta cheesecake that I made for Gill’s birthday. (It is also a Shavu’ot favorite of ours. Shavu’ot is a Jewish holiday in which it is traditional to eat dairy products.) In any case, here it is:

  1. Mix the following ingredients in a food processor:
    750 grams (about 1.5 lbs) low-fat ricotta (any soft, mild cheese will work, like farmer’s cheese)
    4 eggs
    2 T flour
    2 t almond extract
    2/3 c sugar
  2. Pour into a spring-form pan and bake at a medium heat (about 180 C) for 30-40 min, depending on your oven. Use a knife to test (i.e., when it comes out relatively clean, the cake is done).
  3. Chill before serving.
  4. Alternatives: you can use lemon or vanilla instead of almond; you can use a press-in crust (butter, flour, a dash a brandy, a bit of sugar); you can add any kind of fruit conserve on top (after) or inside (before baking). If inside, pour about half the mixture into the pan, add the filling, and then pour the remainder on top.
  5. Enjoy!

Now let’s see if Nasrallah will let me get some work done this evening…


One response to “Under Fire, part 42

  1. Leah,
    Your recipe is great! I have a similar one but it’s called Ricotta Pie. Thanks so much!
    Jane C

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