Under Fire, part 38

Days of dread: It is difficult not to feel despair. Yesterday, 12 milu’imnikim (reservists) are killed around noon when a barrage catches them in an open parking lot at Kfar Giladi in the north. After 20:00, a heavy barrage of six or more rockets hits a crowded Haifa neighborhood, completely destroying houses, killing three, and injuring almost 200. We watch on TV as civilians, dressed only in skimpy shorts and T-shirts in this summer heat, don’t hesitate to use their bare hands to help dig people out of the wreckage. The rockets, which may have been larger missiles, are fired from Tyre.

Amid disagreement over strategy and a mounting IDF casualty list, plans to push on to the Litani River are abandoned. We hold little hope for a UN peace plan, since Hezbullah, the ones who started this whole thing, will be able to unilaterally reject anything.

You think we’re worth nothing? In one of the most bizarre twists of Nasrallah Math, Hezbullah is demanding one thousand prisoners in return for one of our kidnapped soldiers. So, according to Hezbullah, one of their guys is only worth… Dude! You said it, not me!

The sad truth is that we cannot possibly agree to such a swap, or a ridiculous land deal, no matter how much we want to bring our men back. If we have learned anything from history, it is that capitulation does not buy security. It only encourages more terror.

Bad dog, Reuters! Some of the international press isn’t satisfied with using biased language or staged pictures; Reuters takes it a step further by doctoring a photo so blatantly that they are busted big-time. This just days after one of their staff posts a comment on a public blog saying that he wants to slit the throats of Jews. I find it amusing to think that there are still knuckleheads out there who think that we control the media?!

Marcie to the rescue: A friend returns from music gigs in the south to check on her home, visit her parents, and worry about the dogs and cats abandoned by panicked families. She decides to go out late last night and distribute food and water in various locations. This is our ultimate victory—the ability to retain our compassion and humanity in the face of possible destruction. I am both uplifted and humbled by her actions.

Nadine vs. Nasrallah (or, The Politics of Pudginess): I am not a politician, a military analyst, or an expert on terrorism. However, I have collected my own empirical data that supports my theory on the root causes of fanaticism: the lack of obese house cats. Think about it. Very few terror cells have a fat, pampered cat as their mascot. Cats do not take orders very well, nor do they make any effort to mask what they really think of you. And fat cats are notoriously spoiled, pampered, and demanding. (It is very difficult to load a rocket launcher when Bubba, a 23-lb ginger lard-ass, is screaming for tuna.) I will need additional research grants to pinpoint the true causality, but I think the seeds of hope might be, even as I write this, sprawled across our bed like a melted lump of fur-covered whale blubber. Soon, counter-terrorist groups could be dropping Bubbas, not bombs. It’s just an idea…


2 responses to “Under Fire, part 38

  1. Here is a superb description of the basic wartime training of cats, written by Yael (who has also mastered the art of getting research grants in interesting subjects).

  2. I woke up this morning and turned on the computer and went immediately to your blog. As I said before, you give me and others here in the states a personal view of this ghastly war that is so needed.

    My prayers are with you and all of Israel.

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