Under Fire, part 23

This is all of us: This morning we receive the news of the attack on a Jewish Federation office in Seattle (where my parents live). One killed, five wounded. The shooter, and American Muslim, yelled something about Israel before opening fire. When things like this happen, it is so clear that there are no borders to this conflict. We are fighting for our right to exist on this planet.

The Four Mothers, a movement that lobbied heavily in favor of the Israeli pull-out from Lebanon in May 2000, has come out publicly to state that this time, everything is different. In an interview with Ha’aretz, three of the original founders talk about why today’s war is necessary and just. One of those interviewed, Zohara Antebi, said:
“I have no doubt about the necessity for this state. I am in Israel, because only in Israel will my child not be turned into soap. I am in Israel because I remember our attempt to assimilate into others for 2,000 years. And it is totally clear to me that all the French bleeding hearts and all the German bleeding hearts and all the Dutch bleeding hearts will not want us in their countries. This is the only place. And this place has to be fought for.”

We escape the tension briefly last night with a lovely Shabbat dinner with friends at Shorashim, a moshav right next to Karmiel. Even though they are only five minutes away from us, the mountains between Givat Ram (our neighborhood in Karmiel) and Shorashim seem to be protecting them, as they have not yet had a single hit (“yet” being the operative word).

This morning, my father calls to check up, and we have a long talk. Hearing the voices of loved ones at a time like this is so important. I keep checking the time to see when I can try calling my sisters (one on the west coast, one on the east coast).

Meanwhile, we do our best to keep our spirits up. The radio stations are playing “Y’allah Ya Nasrallah,” a catchy mizrachi pop tune. It is defiant, silly, and ridiculously juvenile, but it makes us grin. Someone sets the music to a montage of IDF footage and the video starts making the rounds. (I suspect that Nasrallah and his fundamentalist ilk will be more disturbed by the image of a female IAF mechanic hopping into an F16 than of anything else!)

More opportunities to show your support: Table to Table, a Ra’anana-based organization that distributes food to the needy, is doing a special campaign to get small gift packs (food, personal hygiene products, etc.) to soldiers. You can donate gift baskets from their website.

Shabbat shalom to all.


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